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In the course of 3 weeks, we crossed 4 States, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, travelled thousands of miles, and were completely awed!!!!
First Days :
We landed in Denver, Colorado after a stopover in Detroit where we threw ourselves on our first Taco Bell of the trip before our connecting flight to Denver..
Taco Bell is to tex-mex cuisine what McDonald's is to the hamburger, only better!!! They're well implanted, and we eat delicious food for cheap. We actually had a litteral Taco Bell Diet!
Once in Denver we got the 4WD we rented, and off to sleep at the hotel.  Next morning, thanks to jetlag, we left around 5 A.M.to go to Alamosa, our first stop. We stopped on the way in Fountain for breakfast.  The diner we went to was a converted garage, and there all the neighboring ranchers stopped there to talk, check up on the latest news, and of course have their biscuits and gravy before the long day of work ahead. GREAT. The pancakes and the French Toast were extraordinary and there were lots!!! This trip is starting off really well.
Great Sand Dunes :
Imagine climbing on top of dunes in the Sahara, but these are sourroundes by mountain pine forests. At the bottom of the Dune a river flows and you have t
o cross it before going up the Dune…..  A real change of scenery. Out of this world!  I've never been to the Sahara, but this is a good start. Afterwards, we went for a long drive in our 4WD in the "piñon" pine forests.… WOW !!!

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