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While going on MIC's blog, yes, her again, I saw that she had been "tagged", and to my great relief, I hadn't!!!!! I don't really like these questions where you have to show yourself, but this last tag she received looked like so much fun, so, since I STILL don't have any new photos of our trip to show you, I thought I'd play the game. So, here goes :

OK, know that to play today, I chose a large variety of music out of our music library in the computer, because my MP3 is quite modest (512) and I would have answered with the same artists.  Here there is a mix of my son's choice music, and mine. I did a little bit of sorting, because I do have a headache today, it doesn't seem to want to go away, and so I chose to not pick certain artists like Rammstein, Ska-p or others like System of a Down.  No, really today, I just can't handle them..... But things are gonna move anyway, so hold on!!!

 Note : I already played this game in the French version of my blog. Here I'm just continuing the random playing from the selection, not starting over.

 "Here are the rules  : Turn on your player and start the random play. Press on "next" for each question. Use the title of the song as an answer even if it doesn't mean anything. No cheating!!! Comment on the answer trying to link it to the question. And then send the baby over to 4 people!!!"


1. How do you feel today ?

Lonely Avenue - Ray Charles

Well, that sounds right, or would I be spending my day playing this game - twice?????

2. Will you go far in life ?

Any Other World" - Mika

why not!!!!!

3. How do your friends see you ?

New York City - Norah Jones

"New York City, such a beautiful disease....." I love this song, and why not, I certainly talk a lot about that city. More in another article......

4. Are you getting married ?

Mentira - Manu Chao

I'm married already.....

5. What is your best friend's "emblem" song?

John Henry - Bruce Springsteen

Nah, her favorite song is  Wild Horses from the Stones....

6. What is the story of your life ?

Tout ça c'est du cinéma - Telephone

a fairy tale???? who knows????

7. How was high school ?

Keep the customer Satisfied - Simon & Garfunkel

"It's the same old story....." 

8. How can you get on in life?

Welcome to Tijuana - Manu Chao

"Welcome to Tijuana, Tequila, sex and Marijuana" - not for me, thanks..... well.........

9. What's the best thing about your friends ?

Everybody's had the Blues - BB King

But they've had fun too.... and I like them, that counts, doesn't it???

10. What's on this week end ?

Birthday - The Beatles

not that I know of.........

11. Describe your grand-parents ?

Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen

They certainly had theirs...

12. How's Life ?

Crossroads - Tracy Chapman

Isn't it always???

13. What song will they play at your funeral ?

Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones

That's a good one!!!!!! one of my all time favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. How do people see you ?

Start me Up - The Rolling Stones

Yikes...........  you better ask them, that'll be safer

15. Are you happy ?

Billy Brown - Mika

Well Billy wasn't.........

16. What do your friends really think about you ?

Elevation - U2

Yup!! I'm a Goddess alright!!!!!!!! ????????

17. Do people desire you secretely ?

Hit the road Jack - Ray Charles

Does that answer your question??????

18. How to make myself happy ?

Mother's Little Helper - The Rolling Stones

I promise I didn't cheat.!!!!....... but how appropriate!!!

19. What should you do with your life ?

Je me démasque - M

Well, it's what I'm doing now, isn't it???? 

20. Will you have kids one day ?

Those sweet words - Norah Jones

I have some already.......

21. On which song would you do a strip-tease ?

You're the one that I want - John Travolta / Olivia Newton-John

"I've got chills, they're multiplying......" Ooooo John...... those were the days!!!!  Not sexy huh??? that's the random selection guys!!!

22. If a man in a truck offered you candy, what would you do ?

Should I stay or should I go - The Clash

Does that answer your question????

23. What does your mother think of you ?

Lollipop - Mika

"Suckin' too hard on your lollipop, love's gonna get you down........" 

24. What's your darkest secret ?

You're the Boss - BB King

but I ain't gonna tell you anyway.......

25. What is the emblem song of your mortal ennemy ?

Under my Thumb - The Rolling Stones

I don't have any mortal ennemy - don't want anyone's death!!!!

26. What is your personnality ?

Nighttime is the right time - Ray Charles

"To be with the one you love" - don't you think???

27. What song will they play at your wedding ?

My Sharona - The Knack

Remember them??? We didn't play this at our wedding, but oh well..........

28. Where was your first date ?

In God's country - U2

What do you think about that????

29. What will you look like when you're old ?

Shake your Tailfeathers - Ray Charles

I'm a rare bird, I am!!!!!!!  Don't want to think about it, we'll see when I get there!!!!!!!

I've just spent a long time answering these questions. I didn't play the songs all the way through....... but I had fun !!!!!!!!!!

Now, who am I going to send these to??????????
Well whoever wants to play this game, go ahead, just send me the answers, OK???

Here's one for the road, the boys :

I was there with my son in July 2006 at the Stade de France near Paris

I'll have to tell you about it one day!!!!!!

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