I've done gone crazy !!!!!

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Or have I?????

Feeling very frustrated with myself and with life in general, I've really missed not being creative. By meaning creative I don't mean not doing anything with my hands, I have been knitting recently, and doing some odds and ends, but, not a deep-thought process work. Something that comes from inside....

Well, I've gone and done it this week, I've promised two things: First I offered to PIF (pay if forward) on my French blog, where I promise in the next year I will make something for 3 people who themselves promise to do the same thing on their blog. We have 365 days to do something. So far not many people have answered, so I will include whomever posts here as well and combine from both. The first three who post in my comments page as well as in their blog!!!!!  Do not expect anything exceptional, just a little something from the heart.

The other biggie, and here I mean really biggie, is I've registered for the Take it Further Challenge proposed by Sharon B on her blog In a minute ago.

Every month beginning January 1st 2008 she will propose a concept and a color scheme and up to us to work on either or both for the month, showing our progress on our blog. I'll be using this blog to show the works in progress, and sometimes I'll do so as well on the French one, since some French artists will be doing it too I saw.  I'm hoping this will get me going.  I've been really doing a lot of reading on all sorts of techniques, and so many appeal to me. I hope I'll be able to put them into focus with these exercises, and I hope I'll be able to follow through.  What is great with this challenge also, is a lot of thought will be put into everything, and there should be exchanges with artists, many as I've seen so far in the links provided do interesting things. That is really stimulating.

A third project I've involved myself in  is the one mentioned in an earlier post , a challeng for Burkina Faso, and for which I've still not done anything, but have been thinking about it.....  Ideas move around in my head a lot and then one day it all comes through on cloth.  I never or hardly ever do any sketching as I draw as with my feet, and so cannot progress that way. So, lots of trial and error and a lot of undoing...... One of the reasons I'm so slow!!!!

OK , hope this hasn't been too tiresome to read!!! Will try to post more often. Hope more readers come here as well.

All my best
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Dawn 23/12/2007 03:03

Happy Holidays! Here's hoping creativity comes your way in the new year! I"m just hoping for more time!

Fiona 18/12/2007 22:07

Hi, Potiron!
I'm feeling lazy tonight, so I'm reading your English version rather than the French. I see that we are both participating in the Take It further challenge and the challenge for Burkina Faso. Like you, I have not yet begun the physical work, but I have left the fabrics where I can look at them every day and allow the ideas to float around my head. I'll take you up on the PIF challenge - it will encourage me to really start working on my blog, rather than just my Flickr album. Have a peaceful Christmas and a great 'o8.

Potiron 19/12/2007 11:47

Fiona, I'm happy you sent in a comment, I had lost your email / blog and so couldn't reach you; When I click on the link you provided under this comment, I got the general blogspot page, not your blog.  Please send it to me on my email, or however you wish it!!! Also, do not forget to send me your address (to my email), so that when the time comes, I can send whatever it is I'll make to you!!!!  And by the way, your French is fantastic!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!