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Or should I say fabric?????

Here I am thinking and thinking about the TIF challenge, and so far I have not much to show for it.   I have decided that to work on something about someone I admire, one month is not enough, so I am keeping this concept in mind for another work to do when it will be mature enough in my mind for it to be transmitted to my hands. 

As I said in my previous  posting, when I made that bag for my sister-in-law, I had previously cut out pieces of felt to make myself a bag. So, I have begun to work on it, and lo and behold, it so happens that it's sort of in the color scheme proposed for January.  Although it is not being worked on with as much concentration and inspiration as the one for my sister in law was, I have done a few things on it, and I also have undone some.

The color scheme for the January TIFC is more pastel than my project, but I hope it will be accepted anyhow.

Here are the first pictures of what has been done so far:


A layout of the cut squares.  The bag is to go with an outfit I got for my birhday beginning of december. This is the starting point for the bag. And the theme is to be flowers to go with the quilting of the jacket (on the left).


A hodgepodge of trial of threads and other materials that might make the grade..... A big mess!!!!!


And now a few shots of various squares done or in the process of being done :




There's a little more, but I decided to keep the suspense going, after all, I still have a little over a week to go!!!!!!
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Marie*mlg 24/01/2008 14:56

Dis moi, cela se présente bien! et quel travail!! Pour répondre à ta question, Kazé vend du tissu japonais et c'est rue François Miron dans le 4ème!

Potiron 25/01/2008 16:49

Merci Marie, j'irai voir samedi 2 février après ma visite des portes ouvertes de l'école Duperré!!!!

Kay 23/01/2008 22:05

This is very beautiful! I think the challenge colors can be interpreted with some freedom, so don't worry about that.

Potiron 25/01/2008 16:51

Thanks Kay!!!!! PS I loved your article on the most useless tool!!!!