Ta Da !!!! My own bag / TIFC

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That's it !!!! I finally finished that drasted bag !!!!! 

OK there is still some hand "finishing" to do with the truncated losanges, I have to reinforce a bit for the handles and my wonderful sewing machine has just told me I need to add some oil, and lo and behold, of course I can't find it!!! (it came with the machine)..... Oh well, tomorrow is another day....

You wanna see it???? 

Here it is :


Another side, sorry for the dark picture ...


And on the beast :


OK, it looks a little big, it's a bit "spaced out", and no it's not inside-out....

I don't know yet if I like it or not...

It certainly gave me trouble though.....

Note :  I've just noticed that I've been "tagged" (on my French blog), but tonight I'm too tired to answer...

I'm down in the dumps tonight, our winter break is over already, I don't have the impression of having taken good advantage of it, and especially I don't feel rested... not the impression of having charged up those batteries in order to start anew !!!!
Well that's Life !!!!

Addendum : After reading MIC's comment on my French blog, I've decided to name the bag Zarbi Flowers, which in essence means Weird Flowers...

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Deb 27/02/2008 15:10

I think I really like this bag. You will definitely get noticed when you take it out. What a fun and exciting piece!

kim 26/02/2008 18:11

I like it alot! I love a nice big bag, they're so useful.

Potiron 27/02/2008 10:18

Thanks Kim!!!!

La galette 24/02/2008 22:55

Ca fait une paie que je ne suis pas venue ....... et pour tomber sur CA! Super, extra, méga O-RI-GI-NAL ...... Bravo!

Potiron 27/02/2008 10:18

Merci La galette

chantal35 24/02/2008 18:48

Il est sympa , tres sympa