I've been tagged.... again!!!!

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The other day I was tagged....

So now I have to tell you 6 things about me.... OUCH!!!!!!

I don't really know what to write, here goes :

1. I love tea

2. I love sushi, pasta, homemade foie-gras, confit de canard, a nice real hamburger (not the ones from fast food restaurants), Taco Bell.... et my gingerbread.

3. I hate housework.

4. I wish I knew how to draw and then to sew my own clothes....

5. I love music, especially The Stones, The Who, The Beatles, but also BB King, Ray Charles, Robert Johnson, Higelin, Mozart, Mika and I'm forgetting many...

6. J'ai toujours rêvé d'être Jeannie ou la sorcière Samantha ou Mary Poppins pour d'un clignement d'oeil ou de nez ou des doigts me trouver où je veux..... I've always dreamed about being Jeannie (I dream of Jeannie) or Samantha (Bewitched) or Mary Poppins so that with a wink of an eye, or nose or fingers, I can find myself where I want to be (and the size I want as well, Oh jeannie in the pencil glass....)......

Il faut que je nomme 6 autres blogs pour que les personnes y répondent à leur tour, voici donc 6 personnes que je connais, dont certaines uniquement virtuellement mais dont j'apprécie leurs démarches, leurs travaux et du coup leurs blogs... et les autres ben je les aime bien...... alors, si elles le veulent bien......

I have to name 6 other blogs for people to anwer, so here are 6 people I know, some only virtually but whose works, concepts I appreciate, and the others well, I just like them.... so if they want to .....

MIC  even if these days she may not be inclined to answer and if she finds a connection..... (she just moved house)
Le Clown Navet

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