Need your advice please!!!

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All I do these days is undo everything I do several times until I'm fed up with it.........

The latest object being this :


I had trouble conceiving it, I didn't know how to sew on the petals anymore, I cut, and recut and recut again, sewed, unsewed, resewed, well you get the picture.  Something that should have taken me 2 - 3 hours max took me 2 1/2 days !!!!!!!!!!!!

My only excuse being that since Sunday I have a terrible cold/sinusitis/allergy/who knows what and it is true that my mind has been foggy since....

My dilemma : This was intended to be a 
PIF (pay if forward - on my French blog) - but it's full of mistakes, mistakes that can be seen, I messed up in the "finishing" stages, and there's no way to undo it because one of my mistakes is that I trimmed my margin a little too close and the fabric will completely unravel if I touch it.....

Sooooo, Do I give it anyway??????

Here are some other photos....


This is what it is

The circles aren't very round and the object moves around in it a bit, yet I did measure it well........


YES OR NO????????
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Ravenhill 05/05/2008 01:14

It is so beautiful! Handmade things aren't beautiful because they are perfect. A handmade gift is always one that will bring great delight!

Roxane Stoner 29/04/2008 18:50

Oui bien sur, c'est adorable et il n'y a que vous qui voyez les imperfections. Je trouve votre projet vraiment joli.

Francoise 17/04/2008 13:15

Je dis oui: tu y a mis de toi, du coeur. Qu'importe que ce ne soit pas parfait