Did it !!!!!!!!

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A WIP or UFO, Finished!!! YESSSS!!!
And I'm really happy and proud of myself because I finally understood 2 new knitting techniques !!!!!

I've just finished "Diane" by
Coco and I stole the idea from Cécile for the closure......

And here's my version :

or rather :

Knitted in PhilMèche Taupe color from Phildar..... Model by Coco......

So, here's what I learned :

How to make nice seams on the side:

Do you see the seam?????   

To learn how to do this, go here :
Go to "Finishing" et click on the
Mattress stitch video ......

And for invisible shoulder seams :

To learn how :
go down the page et click on the
"Three needle Bind off" video

Thank You KnittingHelp!!!!!

Now all I need to learn is how to nicely pick up stitches and how to make nice looking buttonholes, and how to nicely assemble sleeves..... THen I can finish Jeanne (without sleeves) by Coco as well......


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