South of France anyone???

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A few days ago, while on a workshop, I went to a restaurant with a Mediteranean theme. In the bread basket were nice rolls, but also cubes of Olive Bread.... I ADORE OLIVE BREAD!!!!!!!!

Not to copy on MIC, but it is true she has inspired me.... and so today I put my MAP (machine a pain, or if you prefer my breadmaker)

This was a first for me because I never use our MAP, my husband does to make his non gluten bread.... But today, I just had to have some, so I took the machine's booklet recipe for olive oil and rosemary bread, as well as a recipe for olive and dried tomatoes bread from another book on MAPs I have, and I made us some olive bread.....

Well, I did it!!!!!!! The crust is crunchy even if not dark, the inside is aerial, and the taste !!!!! Mmmmmmmm!!! even though a little more salt and a little more thyme wouldn't hurt...

MMMmmmmmm this smells GOOD!!!!!!


Want some?????????

OK, here's my recipe :

Remember I made a bread without gluten. Usually these breads  are compact, they don't rise because there isn't any gluten.... but this time, I succeeded!!!!!!!!!

Ingrédients :
26cl water
5cl olive oil
2 beaten eggs
600g buckwheat, rice and potato flours (but I don't remember in which proportions)
1 enormous tsp of thyme leaves
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 càc brown sugar
1 full packet of Francine yeast
75g black olives sliced

First I put in the water, then the oil, and then the flours. I realized I had forgotten the beaten eggs, so I made a little hole in the flour to get to the water, put the eggs in, then covered them back with the flour. On the opposite side, I put in the yeast. Accross from that (over where I had made the hole) I put the salt and the sugar. I put the machine on the basic programme, and didn't add anything else. When there was the beep, I added the thyme and the olives, and then I waited, I waited and waited, made dinner. And when the MAP rang, we all had dinner......


Boy was it delicious!!!!!!!

Note : the yeast I used is made with a base of wheat, so there is a little bit of gluten. The proportions are so slim though that I cheated and used it anyway....

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Dawn Denman 19/09/2007 19:03

MMmm, I've never heard of olive bread - but it looks so good! I'm going home to see if I can find a recipe for my machine!