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The other day I went to the new "mediathèque" (library that lends cds, dvd, as well as books and magazines and newspapers) in Chartres, and while going through their CDs, I fell upon a CD which cover seemed really nice, in colors I particularly like. I turn it over and the titles are in English and in French. I told myself with a name like that, she probably was from Louisiana, so cajun music, so happy, so let's take it.... But whom am I talking about ?????


This CD is a Live, and it's more rythm&blues than cajun, with nice rock sounds, as well as some funk... She has  incredible energy.
I simply love it, and I think I'm going to be listening to the 2 CDs continuously until I have to give them back!!!
A few links :  and her website.

PS:  For your info, I also borrowed Roger Plant's (Led Zep) last CD (2205), but I haven't listened to it yet.

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