Great Sand Dunes - some pix !!!

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We've just sorted out a first batch of pictures and so I can finally show you some pictures of this incredible place.


To start off you have to cross a river at the foot of the Dune (here it doesn't look so high, don't be mistaken!!!)
Here it wasn't very deep, we chose our path well, it was early morning, and it was pretty cool.... But in spring, we've been told it can get pretty rough and people can go rafting on it...

So, cross the river, and start climbing the dune ....


It's crazy, you'd think you are in the Sahara, but look well in the background, it's pretty green, right? The mountain and its "piñon" pine forest.

0139-JEB8587R.jpgYou think we're at the top of the dune.... not at all, it keeps going up and up and up .... and in the background still all that green!!!!

and here a little view on a beaver dam (in the back on the right) in that nearby forest, after our climb in the dunes...........

A must see, really.........

So, did you like it???? Feel like going there????

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Dawn 02/09/2007 05:08

Oh yes - I wish I could go there now!