It's My Party !!!!

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While visiting MTSA's blog,  I learned that it was "La Foire aux Potirons"  (i.e. Pumpkin Celebration) (Note : Potiron, my pseudonym in French means pumpkin). It is happening HERE.

But since it's a bit far from where I live, I still wanted to go see pumpkins. So, this afternoon I went to one of those places where you can go pick apples, pears, all kinds of vegetables and fruit, and flowers, there is one near my house; and this is what I found :

Already as we arrived this was waiting for us :



My favorite, potimarrons (I don't know what they are called in English, but their meat is dense and tastes a bit like chestnuts), I find them real tasty :


There were also some coloquinths (spelling???) :


Met a little friend :


Saw some other varieties :


Finally I brought these home :




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Dawn 12/10/2007 20:21

What really fun pictures! I have no idea what you would call the potimarrons in english either - I've never seen them! I know the ones under them that are yellowish are called gourds generically although I"m sure they all have specific names!